South Colby Co-Operative Preschool

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Open Enrollment will start on March 4th, 2019.

2019-2020 Online Registration

Families with multiple enrolled children will receive a 25% tuition break on the youngest child's  tuition. 

Childs Name
Selected Class
Parent Gardians Name
Phone Number
Co-Op or Non Co-Op
Bumble Bee Class 1
18 months-2years
(must be 18 months by Dec.1st)
Monday and Wednesday
Time 9:30-11:30
Tuition: $90 Co-Op
Ask about Non Co-Op Option 
Current Enrollment: 7
Openings: 3
Max 10 Students

Bumble Bee Class 2
18 months - 2 years
(must be 18 months by Dec. 1st)
Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 9:30 - 11:30 am
Tuition: $90 Co-Op
Ask about Non Co-Op Option
Current Enrollment: 4
Openings: 6
Max 10 Students

Frog Class
3-4 Years
(must be 3 years by Dec.1st)
Tuesday and Thursday
Time 9:30-12:00 (2.5 hours long)
Tuition: $95 Co-Op
$135 Non Co-Op
Current Enrollment: 13
Openings: 3
​Max 16 Students

Ladybugs Class​​
AM Pre-K
(must be 4 years by Dec.1st)
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Time 9:10-12:10 (3 hours long)
Tuition: $135 Co-Op
$195 Non Co-Op
Current Enrollment: 9
Openings: 9
Max 18 Students

Monarch Class
Pm Pre-K
(must be 4 years by Dec.1st)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Time 12:45-3:45 (3 hours long)
Tuition: $165 Co-Op
$250  Non Co-Op
Current Enrollment: 16
Openings: 2
Max 18 Students

**A $50 registration fee per family is required to reserve a spot in the class.  This can be mailed to the school or dropped off at the school's mailbox. For more information, email​
Please postdate the checks to 7/1/19.

If the classes fill up and you are still interested, your child can be put on a wait list. Call or email for more information.